April Showers

It's raining out.

I know.

It's cold...and it's damp...and it's muddy out.

I know..and I know..and I know.

I'd rather stay inside today. If I may. I don't want to go out there and play.

But - what if I miss something? What if a once-in-a-lifetime opportunty presents itself? And - what if the moment passes me by?

Okay. But still - it's wet out there. It's grey.

And - here I sit unsure which side of my brain is talking to who. Which of the two sides should I listen to..whose voice should I follow?

My sweet pup sits here at my feet - patiently..waiting..expecting. Aren't we going for our walk today?...so what if it's raining...we always go out..I want to go out today.

I give up. I give in. Out into the rain we go.

Maybe - it's time to stop thinking..and start listening? To the voice that is the loudest. To that which is my own.