An Ordinary Day

'One bag.. or two? Do you want your refrigerator items separate from those that are not?'

The check-out line was long....and I was patiently awaiting. One at a time. I listened as he repeated the same questions over and over.

And then - he'd add: 'Did you see the sunrise? Early this morning? Did you see the colors of the sky? How the clouds and sun mixed it up? Did you see it? It was beautiful.' He said...over and over again.

Most smiled and nodded their head as if to acknowledge..but not quite sure how to respond. Others - dismissed him as being 'differently-abled'...'simply-minded'. None had seen what he had. None seemed to even care that what he'd seen mattered at all.

By the time I arrived at the register - I knew what to expect.

'One bag....or two?' - he asked again. As if these were the only lines he knew. When I told him that I'd seen that sunrise too - his eyes lit up. He smiled brightly.

I told him that it really was as beautiful as he'd described....and that I'd taken its picture.

He said that if he had a camera - he would have taken that picture too. He said that he thinks the whole world should see what he sees in the morning.....that  it's always his favorite part of his day.

As he handed me my 2 bags of groceries - I thanked him. Altho I'm not sure he quite understood - I thanked him for being the part of mine that I'd most remember. The best part of my otherwise ordinary day.