Favorite Whites

I never quite know - on any given day - what will be. What I might find. What I might not. Some days feel empty..where as others feel over-the-top.

Grey. One thousand shades of them - at least...or maybe even more than that.

The skies - a mottled combination of rain and dark thunder.

The water - the color of the deep ocean floor.

The path on which I walked - nothing but rocks and shadows.

I wondered if this color palette was a full one?....or was it nothing at all? In one way or another - it was all a blurr and mix of endless same...and yet - each  and every shade so perfectly individual...so different.

I never quite know - on any given day. Which is why I no longer question. Should I? Shouldn't I? I just get myself up. I go.

And..somehow...some way - within this endless monotone - I got lucky. I found full color. My favorite whites had returned again...brightening and lightening the landscape.

Maybe - this time - they'll stay...