Artfully Arranged

At first glance - they're artfully arranged tulips in artfully arranged vases that are carefully and artfully placed on artfully arranged shelves inwhat is clearly an artfully arranged room.

Upon second glance - they are a graceful study of color and shape and line and form. A formulation. A theme.

But then - I look again..and one more time. And - I see so much more than that.

I see tiny beginnings. I see how one placed itself...which made space for another. I see how the two together arranged themselves and invited in two more after that. I see how they informed and influenced one a balance was struck..a composition formed.

I see baby steps. I see how one-by-one things build upon one another.

I see how the art of practice...becomes the practice of art. I see how everything big..starts oh-so-very small.