My 'Art'

After all of the bright sunshine and light - I have to admit -  I was relieved to wake this morning to gentle rain. To skies that were overcast and grey. To a day in which I might get lost and not be found.

The landscape was a wash of muted hues. The air was filled with a blurr of muffled sounds. It was as if I'd poured water over my freshly painted canvas. The sharply outlined contours softened. The colors melted one into another. They blended and mixed and became all one and the same.

For a moment -  I was unsure of what it was I was looking at. Three distant and ghostly figures had entered into the frame. Like a a a figment of my over-active-imagination.

Intruders - I thought - in this perfectly calm and peaceful and magical landscape. Unexpected guests.

But then something inside me thought to give them a second thought..a second glance..a second chance.

I welcomed them. I embraced them. I made them my 'art'.