Dance of Silence

So very..very quiet.

The dense fog and heavy mist warmed the morning. The sun had not yet burned  its way thru to illuminate the day.

I stood there listening to the silence....breathing it all in...expecting to hear nothing at all.

The trill of the red-winged blackbirds mating. The bluebirds singing. The geese loudly honking. The mallards quacking away. The rustle of the brush as the squirrels and chipmunks and rabbits - hurried themselves into safe hiding before the day.

The silence to which I thought I was listening..was not so silent at all. So many voices speaking. So many languages - all at once and none the same.

A spot of white..and then another. Not a single word was spoken..not a single sound was made.

I watched as they danced around one they courted and they spoke in a tone that only they could understand.

It was then that it occurred to me -  how much can be communicated in the the silence. How much can be said without saying anything at all.