This Moment

I have to admit - I was intimidated.

As I was sitting there on the shore of my favorite pond - another showed up beside me. A big camera around his neck..with a lens that was longer than anything I'd seen before. On his back - he carried more equipment than I've ever owned.

He asked - what camera it was that I was using...but never really waited to hear the answer. Instead - he proceeded to tell me all about his fancy camera..the bells and whistles that accompany it.

In no more than a few short minutes - this total stranger had told me his life's story. Where he had been..and - of course - where he was going.

All the while - I stayed focused on the prize..and what it is I'd come for. My three swans who'd gone missing had returned..and I wasn't about to miss them.

With one ear - I listened to his chatter. With the other ear and both eyes - I photographed these elegant white birds...tracking each and every movement.

In what appeared to be one perfectly synchronized and coordinated motion - the three took flight. It was the moment I was awaiting. I had to remind myself to ground my feet..steady my hands..breathe. A sight not to be missed. Not by anyone.

But - there he stood - with all of his fancy equipment. There he stood - so busy telling me about his past...and where he will someday be in his famous future. He talked and he talked and he talked. So much so - that he'd forgotten why it was he'd come to this spot. He'd lost track of his intention.

And - there they were. These most beautiful of winter swans. And - he totally missed them.