The 'Right' Path

Just one thing - I thought today. Just one thought. Just one idea. Just a one single indication and sign. I was looking for some 'thing' that might tell me that it's all going to be okay....that every 'thing' is unfolding just as it would..just as it should.

Every 'thing' for a reason..and a reason for every 'thing'.

It was one of those overcast cloudy grey days. Dreamy. My kind of favorite. The kind that allows me the space for going inside...for being inside my body and my mind.

And then - there was the light. A singular bright one among the dark and grey ones. Perhaps the sign I was seeking? Perhaps - it was the light I needed to reassure me that my path.. that this path..that the path that I am walking is a 'right' one.

Trust. Believe.

Everything is unfolding just as it should.