Pause and Reflect

There's something about 'half-way'. Half-way thru a week..a month..a year. Half-way thru a life.

At this half-way thru March..I'm needing to reflect. Just for a quiet moment. In between the poses. In between smelling the flowers and the roses. In between the trees.

Where am I on this journey? On this quest? Am I meeting my I reaching for my brightest star?

Be brave.

I'm reminding myself of my mantra for this year. Am I following thru? Am I daring to be all the me I'm meant to be?

As I stop to simply - for this moment 'be' - I see that things have changed. I've stretched and grown. Some doors have opened..others - I'm still hoping - someday may. I'm constantly balancing and struggling with where to step forwards..and where to step back. When to push thru the discomfort and pain..and when to back away.

It's a daily dance of not quite knowing.

Here it is. Here we are. Half way thru the third month of this year. I'm only beginning. There's still so much farther to go.

For today - it's nice to inhale all the oh-so-very-good..and exhale all that has been less so. For today - it's nice to remind myself that I'm simply and exactly where I need to be.