One - spoke to possibility..another to hope. One - promised abundance...another plenty. One laughed...another danced. They all dreamed.

Big and beautiful and bright.

Blinded by the light..she could hardly see. She had endless questions that needed answers. She had answers that hadn't even - yet- found the questions that needed to be asked.

Lost - she was...or so she believed. 

She cupped her hands over her eyebrows to shield her squinting eyes. She opened herself wide... so that she might see. Surrounded by endless glitter..she found herself only one in a million. And  - in that million - she was just and only one.

She stood firm. She stood solid. She stood in her beliefs..and in her center. She didn't know where this path was leading..where it was going to go.

The sun warmed her body. It warmed her heart. She surrounded herself in infinite possiiblity..that which came from the sparkling afternoon light.