Remembering Summer

'You do remember?' - I heard one say to another. 'You do remember - the feel of the summer sun - don't you?'

'The weight and scent of freshly laundered brightly colored clothes. Stripes and dots and darks and lights.'

'The wind gently blowing.'

'You do remember ...don't you? The sound of the squeaky wheel...of the clothesline rolling itself in..and rolling itself out. And - the song of the lawn mower and the sweet smell of that freshly cut grass?'

'The children laughing and playing? The lemonade?'

'I know this waiting is hard...this having to be in here when really wanting to be out there. But - you do have to will remember - summer?'

'I'll make you a promise. I'll tell you a secret. It's coming. Summer does - every year.'

And - with that - I walked away. Reassured in their certainty and knowing that - yes - the seasons do change. They will. That today's snow...won't stop summer. It'll soon be here.