Hide and Seek

Preferring the safety and security of a big tree behind which she could virtually disappear and hide. Preferring not to come out and play. Wishing to go un-noticed..to remain un-seen.

I begged.

I pleaded.

I lured her with my sweetest of sweet treats. I whistled a happy tune. I kindly beckoned...calling out her name.

She remained just where she was. A little bit curious. Mostly - hesitant...unsure...filled with fear. I could read it in her terrified eyes. I could see it in her flattened ears. I could feel it in her cautious gait.

If it was a game of hide and seek..she certainly showed no inkling..no sign of wishing to be found.

I stopped. I grabbed my camera..capturing her thru my lens. And - in that moment it occurred - how much she is just like me.