An Apple A Day

An apple a day. Or two. Or - on some days - maybe even three.

Been asking myself - of late - why? Why - this need..this drive..this un-ending desire to create? To make? To find something new each and every day..and record it? How did what once was nothing more than an occasional pastime ....turn into a daily habit?

I thought of that old saying of how an apple-a-day keeps the doctor away. I thought about how that has translated itself into what I do.

Repetition. Returning - again and again and again. A simple diet. A bit of color. A walk in the woods..or in my little hand-made home-made studio. An apple each and every day. Together - it all adds up.

A little lightness. A little laughter. A little fun. A few basic ingredients that combine together and add up.  To one big happy smile