I Knew Too

Just like this - I found her.

Quietly sitting beneath a leafless winter tree. Sweetly childlike. Exposed. Vulnerable. Tenderly innocent. Wise..and yet so naive.

She reminded me of a tiny island - insignificant..small..and lost in the vastness of life's ocean. Calm... content...and at peace within. She was undisturbed by the curious passers-by and onlookers.... unaware of anything...other than her reading.

She was lost in her imagination. And - yet - it was there that she was found.

It was just an instant..a blink of an eye. I'm sure it happened. I'm quite sure it did.

She looked up at me. She smiled. She gave me that all-knowing look. As if - she understood. She knew me and I knew she....and that - really - we two are much the same.

And - in that silent wordless exchange - I knew too.