On Becoming




It's a part of the magic and beauty of time spent alone.

Thinking deep thoughts. Thinking the same thoughts that I think every day. Thinking myself out of my drifting..my dreaming..my imagining. Thinking that I 'should'...I 'could'...If only - I 'would'. Thinking that I need to 'do' more...'be' less. Thinking that 'enough' - really isn't.

The strength of that all-powerful thinking mind. The one that chooses..that judges..that dictates and decides.  I remind myself. They're only thoughts. They're not who I am.

Allowing myself to drift with the river's fast-moving currents....to dream of possibilty...to imagine hope and joy.

Allowing myself the gift and space of gentle observation.

Trusting in the process. Believing that whatever I need..I have within. Knowing that this is all a part of the journey.

Of growing.

Of changing.

Of becoming.