World Turned Upright

When it looked as if everything was turning itself upside down. When what was once so sensible and obvious no longer was. When there was no longer reason or rhyme to be made. When all she had left were endless questions...which were followed with even more questions after that.

When there was nothing left to do..and nowhere left to travel. When the ground on which she walked longer felt like the same one on which she had known yesterday. When there was no thing left to lose....and still so much waiting to be found.

She put her head to the earth...and raised her feet to the sky above her. She stood like that - upside down - for a good long time...until all that was looking upside down began to look just as it should.

And - it was from there in the water's reflections that she found her answers..and her truth. All she needed was that fresh and new perspective. A different point-of-view.

A word turned upright.