Spring Training

'It took me a long time to arrive' - she offered up in casual conversation. 'It's my birthday '-  she added. 'Today - I'm 90 years old. When people asked my age I'd always shrug it off that I was somewhere over 50...somewhere betwixt and between here and there. But today...today - I'm 90. Today - I'm very very proud.'

I begged for words of wisdom. I asked for advice. I so desperately wanted to hear of the lessons she'd learned along the way. I could think of a million questions..but I just couldn't bring myself to ask them. All I wanted to know was 'how...how...and how'???

She paused for a moment. She had to think. What would be the one kindest..wisest..most important thing she could offer up and say?

And then - she began:

'To all you young women..I would say:  Don't worry about getting older..because no matter what - it will happen someday. Laugh. Dance. Love. Wear your days in bright and living color. And remember - that each and every decade is a new spring. We're all in training. The best - I know - is still to come.'