I didn't think I could..I didn't think I should..I didn't think I would.

My head was saying It's too cold. It's too grey. It's too wet. There's no point in even trying.

But - my heart. My heart was saying yes. My heart was telling me to believe. That there's something..someone..somewhere out there waiting.

It wasn't as if I was expecting. Quite the contrary. I was not.

I walked..and walked..and walked some more. My focus and gaze was on the ground below and what was immediately before me. It was there that I believed I might find whatever it was that I was seeking..although I wasn't at all sure as to exactly what that was. Or even - if I was seeking anything at all.

It wasn't as if I was hoping..wishing...dreaming. It wasn't even - that I was imagining.

But then and there it found me. In and among the thousand shades of endless grey. Wings unfolding...stretching..reaching ....growing.

From my mouth - an exclamatory - YES! A reminder - I thought -  to always always always listen to my heart.