Carry On

I thought I heard him shouting..but couldn't imagine that that shouting was directed at me. I remained - focused. On the fog..on the beauty...on the light.

Turning around - the park ranger greeted me. Stern-faced and solemn. Not even a hint of an acknowledging smile. He asked - what it was I was doing down the river...where I'd climbed down to capture this scene.

I apologized. I explained. I showed  him my camera. I told him I couldn't resist....I couldn't help myself. I had to do what I do everyday.

A quizzical...questioning expression. From where he stood - he saw nothing at all. The fog was so thick....he couldn't imagine there was light on the other side of my lens.

I showed him my little LCD screen. This - I told him - is what I found.

For a moment - I detected the faintest hint of softening. A smile. An acknowledging. Now - he understood. He reminded me to stay on the path where it is safe. He tipped his hat. And as he was slowly walking away I heard him saying almost inaudibly...but just audible enough:

Carry on - he encouraged -  it's all so very good.