Choose Happy

Quite honestly - I was feeling sadly sorry. Another dismal dark morning. Another too short day with no light.

I embarked on my usual daily journey. Looking down instead of up. Shuffling my feet. Expecting nothing. I thought..I wondered...I asked myself how is it that I'm going to find something fresh and new and exciting? How am I going to discover the beauty in this oh-so-very-dreary day?

And then - almost as if..and maybe because of what I'd been pondering - she and her partner  suddenly appeared. As if they'd been waiting.

She turned her head and winked. I smiled. She reminded me - once and again - that there's always another choice..a second option. I can choose to feel this...or choose to feel that.

In the endless grey - I remembered - I can choose happy..I can choose creative and full and joyous and free. And the sun came out and shone brightly. It was a beautiful day.