Last Leaf

It's too wet. It's too dark. It's too windy and raw and cold. It's too early in the season for wet mushy snow to be blanketing the ground. It's just too..too..too much of everything unexpected.

I could feel that resistance..that internal back and forth...that oh-so-familiar tug-of-war.

Today - I just can't. Today - it's too hard. Today - I don't want to.

But then - I do.

I don my winter boots and hat and warm mittens. I step out of the comfort and warmth that's in here..and into the mess that's out there.

One autumn leaf. Maybe - the last I'll see.

And - I'm reminded of why I do what I do. Everyday. So as to remind myself - that he prize is in the discipline of the process. That in simply showing up - there is beauty to be found.