Hanging On

Let go....let go....let go.

Somehow that sentiment..those words are what so often guide me. Let go of expectation. Let go of resistance and fear. Let go of the past. Let to of what no longer serves. Let go....and all will blossom and grow.

But then - here they were. These most angelic sweet little late autumn berries - holding on. Happy - it seemed to me.

Suspended mid-branch..in mid-air...hanging on for their dear little lives. Just like that. And -  for a moment..I wondered if it's not really the letting go...but the holding on that counts..that truly matters.

The holding on thru the coldest of early winter days. Thru richer and poorer..and sickness and health. Thru life's ups and so many of life's downs.

I don't know. I have no good answers. Which is right..which is wrong. I suppose it's a delicate dance...a balance. I'm not sure one is better..or one is worse.

In the late autumn afternoon light - all I could say for certain was that they sure are beautiful. I - for one - will hate to see them let go. Winter is coming. I know.