Comfort in Discomfort

It's just one of the many practices. The letting go of the habitual patterns and daily routines. The releasing. The surrendering. The finding comfort in the discomfort. The being present with what is.

In the beginning - all I hear are my endless mind speaking much too loudly. It tells me - that this is just too hard. It tells me what it wants..and what it wants is what it's always had. The usual distractions. The same ol'..same ol' everyday. It doesn't want this.

But - this - is what it has. This - requires my focus and presence. This - is all there is. Today.

I find myself lost. I find myself wishing and wanting and looking forward to when I can and will be set free. I forget - for just a moment - that it's in this space of foggy confusion and uncertainty that I am so often found.

I breathe. I feel the resistance. I embrace it. I know - this - will all too soon pass. No feeling is final. Not that. Not this.

And - when I return - I find myself different. Eager and excited and ready to begin. Again. Over and over. The practice is the same.

It's a whole new day.