How We See

The landscape that surrounds can only be described as many hues of color-less. Bare branches. Bare treetops. Green grass that has turned to brown. It's that month..that season that in-between time of year that belongs neither to the rich autumn past or the monochrome of winter soon to come.

I love the quietness of the palette..and - yet - I'm already craving color. I search...I seek ...I look. It's all the same. Everywhere - shades of washed out faded orange and gold. I give up. I give in. It is what it is. It's nothing other.

And then - I see. The view reflected back to me..the vision upside down. A wash. A still life. A moiree. A surprising blend of rich and royal color. Unexpected. Perhaps it isn't only what it is..but also - perhaps - a bit of something other??

Maybe it's not so much about what it is we're looking at...but how it is we choose to see.