Make One Thing

'Make' one thing - I tell myself.

'Do' one thing - I repeat over and over.

Make bad 'art'. Make good 'art'. But - make some 'art'. Pick up that camera and 'create'. Some 'thing'.

Resistance...fear..self-questioning and always that doubt. What is it that I'm doing here? Why? Is there some grand purpose? Some great master plan?

It happens. Like everyone else - I too - have days like this. I feel it. In my body. In my mind. In what I do and don't see thru the lens of my camera.

I can't. I don't. I won't. It's all too hard. It's endlessly grey..and endlessly rainy. As much as I do love the rain - it's endlessly uninspiring.

And then..I begin. I notice the orange...the green. I arrange and re-arrange. I look. I see. I get myself lost in color and light and all of the permutations and endless combinations.

I showed up. I did my work.

In the end - I know. I 'made' one thing.