Faith Hope and Courage

One muttered something about seeking hope.

Another - about keeping faith.

And a third - I heard - talking about finding the courage...she was so certain that she'd somewhere..sometime lost along the way.

The sun was low in the late afternoon they sat. The smell of burning leaves reminded them of autumn.

Old friends...

They'd once been so sure. They'd once believed they had all the answers to their questions. And now - they could only agree that they knew nothing. They sat there  - together - simply grateful for this beautiful day...for the gift of time gently allowing. They took a moment and a breath - to first look back..and then and again to look forwards.

And they decided that they must be brave together...that they would no longer wait for faith or hope or courage. Now is that time. They must face that fear...feel and embrace it...and just do it.

It was autumn..and winter would soon be here.