Believing is Seeing

Do you see what I see? - she asked her closest and most trusted friend.

That depends - he answered back. What is it that you see? Is seeing believing...or is believing what we see?

She paused for a moment to ponder. She had to think for a bit. She was sure that what she was seeing were some pretty pink blossoms and some beautiful blues. She was - of course - trusting her eyes to lead.

But then - on second thought - it occurred to her that perhaps her eyes were misleading...and that she needed to look once again - this time thru her heart.

She closed her eyes. She breathed in..and breathed out - long and slow and deep.

When she opened them again - she found  that what she was looking at was spring. She could smell it. She could taste it. She could feel it. Because - on this day - it's what she chose to believe.