Centered and Solid


As if I heard the snow falling for the very first time. I've been waiting for this. Waiting and wishing and wanting. And then - there it was. I awoke to the most beautiful snow falling...blanketing the world in winter white.

Like a kid whose never seen it before - I walked with my arms tongue reaching to catch the falling stars.

Listening to the silence. Moving into its stillness. Seeking out the places and spaces within. The quiet. The knowing. The strength.

I walked right by the Canada Geese all huddled down in the snow. And the gaggle of turkeys - held no interest for me on this day at all.

It was this...this buddha - sitting so stoically. Without blinking. Without flinching. Without moving a single muscle. Centered and solid.

As if he was listening to the snow falling for the very first time.