Practicing New

Some days - the practice is about trying something new. About letting go of the outcome and experimenting. About testing possibility without having to know where it all might lead.

Some days - it's about letting go of the need to make 'good' art..and to simply make art. Make something. Create.

I like simple. I like clean. I like order.

Today - I thought..just for once..just for fun....just because there's really nothing at all to lose - I'd try  a little of the messy  and unexpected. A challenge to myself. A little bit of different...a little bit of new.

It might be a new beginning..or it might end right here. I don't know - yet - if I like it..or if I don't. I do know - that there is much to gain by practicing with an open mind.....and simply observing and seeing where it all may go.