Open Your Heart

It was grey and cold and damp and wet. The promised snow had come and gone...leaving nothing other than a slushy mess behind it.

Quite honestly - I was feeling sadly sorry. I had hoped for winter white. I'd begged and pleaded and asked for it. I dreamed of it - I'm sure - last night. And - here - it was nothing other than what it was.

Walking...wondering what it was I might find...what might catch my eye. There seemed to be nothing at all. A mixed up confusion falling from the sky around me.

And then - there he stood. Straight and strong and tall - staring right back at me. Daring me.

Open your heart. Spread your wings. The ground on which you walk sits solidly beneath you. Smile - he said. Choose happiness and joy. Breathe in all of life's messiness and beauty. The day is yours for the taking.

And..y'know? I listened. I heard him. I did.