Beacon of Color

And - what is it about that quintissential red barn that so captivates my attention and that of my camera's lens?

Images of cows lined up for milking..horses awaiting their riders in their stalls...piles of hay for playing. Dogs and cats - roaming freely darting in and out and in between. The smell of warm sometimes damp and wet coats and fur. The sound of their making. 

On the darkest of winter days..these barns are beacons of light and unexpected color. On the brightest of summer ones..they pop up like oversized flowers dotting the undulating landscape.

Here I am - holding on to one more day of winter...not yet ready to let it go and return to the one that we are having. Right here. Right now.

How can anyone accuse winter of being dreary and can anyone not love the season  - when winter looks like this?