Bird Feed

It begins - always - by simply showing up. With a thought..with an idea..with the belief and trust in possibility. With an understanding that on this day I will make an image..find an image...create.

The thought with which I begin with is never the one with which I end. Like any practice - I need to allow myself the quiet..the space..the internal process. I need to begin at the beginning with that letting go of all that I thought I knew so well.

Some days - it's about the world as it I find and see it. The world that makes me stop and focus and capture it thru my camera's lens.

On other days - it's about creating. Making something out of nothing. Giving myself the gift and permission to have some good ol' fashioned fun.

But the process?

It's always the same. It begins at the beginning. By simply showing up. By allowing space for whatever comes.