American Dream

You've seen them. You know them. You'd recognize them as 'anywhere'. Those housing developments that sprout up overnite..seemingly out of nowhere. Each and every unit..looking exactly as its neighbors. A sea of repeating patterns..of roof shapes..of structure and form.


A singular car parked. A white picket fence. 2.5 children. 1 dog. A perfectly manicured postage stamp of a front  yard. A small patio with a BBQ grill out back.

Regulations govern and control what each individual owner might customize and make their own. Uniformity rules. Sameness reigns.


Every morning - at precisely the same time - the men open their front doors. Hats in one hand...briefcases in another. An occasional umbrella. The women - in their aprons..and hair not yet curled - standing in the background..waving their men farewell....a bientot...avidazen.

Every evening - the scene reverses. The women open their front doors..embrace and greet their men. Hair is curled. Apron is carefully put away. Children are seen...but seldom heard. Dinner is ready and waiting.

The American dream.