Morning Stars

The morning smelled of new. The summer heat had melted. The sky dawned a mottled mix of grey and gold and china blue. I stopped - just for a moment - to breathe it in. All its beauty. All its vastness. All its cool freshness.

I blinked.

In one instant - there was nothing. In the next - the sky filled itself with the tiniest of flying objects. Enchanted winged little morning stars.

I blinked again.

They'd all flown away and disappeared. As quickly as they came..they were gone. Standing still and simply observing..I couldn't help but think the world had passed me right by. I wished to be caught up in the craze and excitement and have wings so that I - too - might fly.

I blinked.

I wrapped myself in warmth and comfort..and the sights and sounds and smells. The morning air. The mist and light and magic.

And then it came to me. There really is nothing better. Than this. Right here. Today.