Just Girls

We were the late baby-boomers..the tail end of the generation born after the big war. We were - for some - a part of a grand plan to replenish and re-populate the world.

I couldn't help but stop and wonder..especially on this day. As I watched these two girls laugh and play and run happy and oh-so-free - who it is they'll be? To what generation they'll belong? Who it is that they'll become?

Will they be known as the 'post 9-11-ers'?...maybe?

Or - maybe - they'll be known as the new age dawining..a different world awakening? Or - maybe - they are nothing other than the re-awakening of the old?

But - today - I saw just two girls. Maybe sisters..maybe friends. Sweet and innocent children who know nothing of war or the horrors of this day. And - I couldn't help but smile as their light and laughter rang loud and clear....filling the day's somber silence with hope and truth.