One chose to weather the storm in the big city. An adventure - he said. Something new...something fun.

Another chose to hunker down in the mountains. The forecast was for this great big one to pass him right by only clipping them with its wings. A little rain...a little wind..but nothing other.

And - the third decided that she'd drive right into the storm's eye. To visit a friend. To stare it down.

It wasn't so long ago when I laughed at my mother when she'd call wondering and worrying if I was keeping myself warm and safe and dry. I'm a big girl - I used to tell her. I'm fine.

And here I am. Repeating what I know. Holding on tight. Wishing them all back to my warm nest...believing that it is here that I can keep them safe. 

Someday - my mother would say - you'll understand. Someday - you'll have grown children of your own. And - I look at myself in her reflection. And - now I do. I understand.