Beauty Within

It's so simple - really. Emerging out of nowhere..awakening out of a long...hazey dream.


The tiniest of flowers found and uncovered amidst a massive tangle of overgrown weeds. The surprise of unexpected color. The spot of bright light.

There - in the midst or breathtaking ocean landscapes..there exists an unspoken expectation. That - that vast coastal beauty - was where to look for direction..for definition..for answers to so many of the questions. Look up. Look out. Look somewhere beyond the obvious...somewhere out there.

But then - there it was. Suddenly revealing itself. The most simple and baic of truths. Outside the expectation and all that cried out to be captured by my camera's lens - there were these. Sweet little blossoms. Soft and strong. Resilient. Filled with elegance and grace.

Beauty and truth that is found within.