Eternal Question

After the constant din of connection..the quiet was - at first - deafening. The silence. The walking away from the computer..the cell phone..all else that keeps us tied and connected. The letting go of that world..and sinking into this.

For a moment - I caught myself wondering which of the two worlds is real. Sitting on a mountaintop at 4 a.m....waiting and watching for the much-anticipated sun's rise - is as surreal as any other. The darkness - as it melts itself into light. The colors as they transform from soft cotton candy pinks to darker..deeper ones and finally into rich deep hues of gold. The fog - blanketing and embracing the ocean far below.

An airplane's view..but with feet firmly rooted to the solid ground beneath.

Good to get away. To be reminded that without all of this..there will always be that. The sun will rise in the east..and set in the west. The earth will continue to turn. Life will go on..just as it has over the milleniums.

All of this effort...all of this work. A daily output..and outpouring. Important to seek out the space..take time to rest..renew..restore and recharge.

Altho - perhaps - there were answers that I was seeking..I returned only with questions. What is real? What is true? And - for this one precious gift of life that I've been granted..the one eternal burning question: How and who do I wish to 'be'?