We Are Family

To the casual passer-by or outsider - they are all alike. Each identical to another..bearing a common mix of family traits.

But to their mother - who knows them best of all - they are no more alike than apples and oranges and pears. Each - carries his and her own individual mix of DNA. Each - different. Each - perfectly unique.

One - has his mother's chin. Another - her father's eyes. They all bear that oh-so-distinctive family nose.

One is always found in the company of others..whereas another prefers her time alone. One is rational and reasonable and logical..feet firmly planted on the ground. Another's head is always high in the sky...forever dreaming. One's strength is in math and science..whereas another is in music and art. One is tall. Another - not.

Each and every one - beautiful.

Each and every one - known for who they are.

Each and every one - loved.