The Headmistress

'Truant' - she cried...pointing her finger at the bunch of us.

'Juvenile delinquents' - she declared...angrily.

'It'll be big trouble that you'll all be in...the bunch of you. Just you wait and see.'

With only a few weeks left until the end of school..we couldn't resist any longer. We couldn't sit another minute in those hard-backed those desks so precisely aligned in their perfect little rows. We couldn't focus on the reading..the writing..the arithmetic. We could no longer be...

Expecting the worst..and with our wings tucked shamefully beneath us..we lined ourselves up and marched to her bidding. One sad foot...after another.

She commanded us to sit. She ordered us to listen. She began..and then she stopped in mid-sentence..unexpectedly.

She big sweet and knowing smile. And then - she nodded her if - for the first time - understanding. 

And - she set us free.