Off Center

Just a boy.

He's the one who lives next door..across the street..down the hall from you. He's sweet. He's kind. He's quiet and shy. He's the one that no one takes the time to notice.

In a crowd - he's the one marching to his own drum...just a little bit left of center. Differently labeled..differently-abled..and most often called learning disabled.

He struggles with the academic basics - reading and writing and arithmetic..staying on task and focused.

Having grown up  in a world that measures self worth by achievement...he believed only that he wouldn't. Dreams and hopes and imaginings were about a future and a life just one arm's length beyond his reach.

Time passes...

Seasons change. Rain and then sun and then snow and then rain. More rain. Shades of never-ending grey rain.

Strangely -  it is in just this same rain in which he first got himself lost..that he is now found. Fully present..fully awake..alive.

He reads. He writes. He concentrates. He focuses.

Yes - you might still pick him out when walking in amongst others. A few steps behind..and a little off-center. Different - perhaps - but so much the same.

Different is good. Different is fine. Different is a perfect place to be.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For all the mothers out there who struggle right along with their struggling kids. Don't ever give up.