Star Sparkles

The walk - it's always the same. The talk...the internal chatter...the voices - repeat over and over.

Searching for interesting. Seeking out new. Wishing for different. Looking for the beauty in the world that surrounds. Somewhere out there...distant and remote. Somewhere outside of me.

One eye looking forward..the other - looking back. Forgetting - momentarily - about the here and now and present moment. That this is it..this is all there really is.

Stepping into the shadows..there amidst the endless greens - the tiniest of shining stars. Sparkling. Twinkling. Silently laughing. Reminding me - once again - of nature's perfection. Its joy. Its beauty. Its most basic and honest truth.

All is fine. All is good. All I need..all that I am seeking and searching - I already possess.