Up Up and Away

You'll learn to read and write and do lots and lots of arithmetic.

You'll - someday - win the little league baseball championships. You'll grow tall and play center on the basketball court..and goalie on the field of soccer.

There will be a first date..a first love..a first kiss.

You'll drive a car. You'll have your heart broken.

You'll graduate from high school..and go on to college. You'll learn to throw a football..drink beer..and love champagne.

There'll be a first job..a true love..a wedding.. a house in the suburbs..a family that follows. Two kids and a big dog with warm fur and a cold wet nose.

All this - I promise - will happen. Someday you may even be president...or King. Someday.

But for now..for today - you're  meant to dream big fat enormous dreams. For now..for today - there is nothing better or other than than this.

Cast your bubbles and all that you hope for..all that you imagine - up up and away - and  into the wind. And someday - you'll be.