Watching You

I'm watching you..just as you watch me.

I'm watching every move that you make. Every stroke of your brush. Every line of your painter's pen. I'm watching and you render me beautiful.

Into this picture that you paint - can you paint my future and fill it with possibility and hope and all of my dreams?

Did you know that someday - when I'm big and all grown-up - I'm going to be that change that this world so desperately needs? Did you know that? Can you paint that too?

Can you paint the laughter and light..and the sun and the moon and the all of the stars? Because all of those things  - I hold in the palms of my little hands. Here and now and today. Can you paint that too?

I'm watching you..just as you watch me. I'm sitting patiently. I'm waiting.

Wondering what it is that you see..and if what you do see is the real me? Can you tell me - what do you see?

In the meanwhile I watch and I wait....and I hope that you'll render me beautiful.