Here Today...

Almost impossible - these days - not to stop and take notice. A tree that was yesterday now covered in blossoms. A one that is today in full bloom color..will be - tomorrow - nothing other than green. I can't help but want to record every moment while I can. To breathe in every bit of spring's fleeting goodness.

For me - it's a practice in mindfulness. In careful..quiet observation. In being fully engaged. With all my senses - alive..awake..aware.

The lilacs are infusing the air with their perfume. The tulips and daffodils are rendering that same world in living breathing technicolor. The ground that was once soft and wet is now solid. At last - we've turned that corner. The one at which where what we left behind is no longer in our rear view....and where we can now see clearly what lies ahead.

Yesterday - I walked by this same tree. There were branches..hardly a bud. Today - it's all a-flower.

I stop. I look. I see.

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