Dancing Light

For me - it's about that first swim. The air still cool and spring crisp. The water - fresh and clean and icey cold. It's about the light. How it reflects and refracts and dances in and around the liquid edges. It's about that feeling of finally and at last...arriving. About time slowing down. About the freedom to simply breathe in and out. About sweet magic.

Bare shoulders. Bare toes. Sun that is at once blindingly bright and soft and warm and sweet. Heat.

For me - it's about a season that comes and goes. In the blink of an eye. Begging to be savored and enjoyed. One new day better than the last. Soak it all in. Get it before you can't. Capture it all before it escapes...and disappears itself into another.

Sweet watermelon. Tart lemonade. Berries baked in the sun. Long days. Short shorts. Sprinklers spinning. Mosquitoes buzzing. Children playing. Endless greens. Cloudless skies. Thunder. Lightning. Crickets singing. Charcoal grilling.

And - it all begins this weekend. With that first jump..that first dive and dip. With that very first swim of a much..much too short - summer season.