Make A Wish

Her eyes widened as she watched and waited for the big man to blow up her balloon.

Make a wish -  he said.

And so - she closed her eyes and wished in silence for all of the children in the world to have food on their tables..and roofs over their heads.

Make one more - he offered - as he hadn't yet finished blowing up her balloon.

And she thought deep..and she thought hard..and she wished again without saying a single word. For all of the wars in the world to end..for everyone to get along.

Needing still more time - he asked for just one more.

She paused. She couldn't think. What could she wish for other than for what she already had? And then - with a deep and happy breath - she twirled herself once around..and wished for balloons everywhere to let go of the hands that they were holding..and join up in the heavens and skies above..and to make all  dreams and wishes come true.

To that - and without knowing what she'd secretly and silently wished for - he handed her that balloon that she'd been patiently waiting.

For a moment - she held tight...wanting to hold on to its magic forever.

And then..and just like that - she let it go.