With Grace

Four years.

It was just yesterday - wasn't it? - that I dropped her off at college's door. A mere child..on the cusp of something big. Ready to explore..to learn..to experiment...to grow.

Where does time go?

It was just yesterday - wasn't it? - that I was dropped off at my college's door. A clear plan. A direction. A course of study. A mere child..on the cusp. Eager to walk along the road that lay ahead. Eager to please..to exceed..to succeed.

How does time pass?

She began her journey on one road..found herself on another. Time spent wandering...testing new waters..flexing new muscles..finding strengths in places she never knew she had. She discovered her passion..is following her heart.

Like watching a flower unfold..a caterpillar evolve into a beautiful strong and graceful butterfly. She's emerged.

Four years.

Just yesterday - she was graduating from high school. My little girl. And today - here she stands. All grown up..and ready to fly...to begin again. To commence.

Where does the time go? How is it that it has passed?