Of Family

One from the west..another from the south..and an elder from the north. A family - converging and meeting somewhere in the middle.

It was once so simple. Load up the car..pile 'em all in..and away we'd go. No schedules to juggle. No 'others' to consider. No grown-up agendas..egos...petty and ancient childhood hurts to contend with. They were the kids. We were the parents. Whatever it was we said and did..they did too.

Time passes. From sweet complacent children..thru those tumultuous teenage years..and - finally..and at last - into responsible lives of their own. They grow. They go. All and exactly as it should.

Gathering them all up..getting them together - always a little more complicated than it otherwise would.

I want peace. I want harmony. I wish for that someday when they'll accept and embrace one another. That - eventually - all of those years of sibling rivalry will be replaced by sibling love. I hope only for them to live happy and full and productive adult lives of their own. That they follow their hearts...and hold tight to their dreams.

As we celebrate and honor the last college graduation and beginnings of her new life - we'll all be together.

I'll be that mother. Forever hopeful...always dreaming. Of a family - happy and whole. Of ties that bind..but don't gag. Of love.