One Girl's Treasure

The rules were perfectly clear..the expectations made right. Not a lot of space for dreaming..for letting go..for getting lost in the treasure and luminescent bright.

Read the meter. Adjust for the light. Carefully compose..and always remember to focus. Be precise. Be perfect. Be sharp. Be clear.

Study from the masters. Learn their golden rules of thirds. About correct symmetry and balance. About lines that lead..and those that distract. About framing ..and finding that just-right-point-of-view. Absorb and integrate. What's right. What's wrong. What wins and what loses. What succeeds and what fails.

Live by the rules - and life will be easy..and life will be good. Dilly and dally and diverge and digress - and no telling where that may go. Always a right path..and a wrong. A right choice..a right direction. Always guidelines - a road..a map to follow.

I lived by those hard-learned lessons and rules. I embraced and loved them. For most of my life - they grounded and guided. One foot in front of another. One lesson goal attained - always followed by another. Eventually - the hope was the promised land.

But..and I have now begun to wonder. What are those promises?? And - where is this land??

Down and dirty and buried deep within the weeds that are spring - there is  treasure. There is magic. There is hope. There is never-before-seen light. The rules - that I've spent so much time and effort learning - are all broken.

There is no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow. This girl's treasure is her promised land.